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Monday, April 30, 2012

What Happend after Embryo Transfer

I'm at 6 DPT. (Ya Allah...semoga my embies dah selamat melalui implantation process... Amin). Last Friday evening until Saturday night, I had brownish discharged. I was really scared. Msg my doc, but doc said don't worry too much and have plenty of rest. Tried to do as what the doc said... but it is hard not to worry right? Alhamdulillah it totally stop on sunday morning. Legaaaa rasanya :-)

What did i do for the past few days? I did all the rest that i can take. Memang macam princess. Just lay down infront of TV, watching TV and just get up for meals, toilet call and solat. If i wasn't watching TV, i would surf internet and google everything about embryo until i got tired of it. Heheheh... (err...princess ke? macam org sakit ada la...hehheheh). Hmmm... feel like time passes by too slow for me.

Anyway, for sharing purpose, let see what happend inside, after the embryo transfer.


3-Day Transfer

Days Past
Transfer (DPT)
Embryo Development
OneThe embryo continues to grow and develop, turning from a 6-8 cell embryo into a morula
TwoThe cells of the morula continue to divide, developing into a blastocyst
ThreeThe blastocyst begins to hatch out of its shell
FourThe blastocyst continues to hatch out of its shell and begins to attach itself to the uterus
FiveThe blastocyst attaches deeper into the uterine lining, beginning implantation
SixImplantation continues
SevenImplantation is complete, cells that will eventually become the placenta and fetus have begun to develop
EightHuman chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) starts to enter the blood stream
NineFetal development continues and hCG continues to be secreted
TenFetal development continues and hCG continues to be secreted
ElevenLevels of hCG are now high enough to detect a pregnancy

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ET Day, 1 day past ET

We arrived at the hospital at 8.30 am. Sajer datang awal sebab takut sangkut traffic. You know KL... the traffic cannot be predicted. After taking breakfast at the hospital cafe, we proceed to registration counter and went to the waiting room.It was a nerve wrecking waiting...

Since the procedure is just like IUI, I need to have a full bladder to ensure that Doc can see through the ultrasound. I drank a lot of water starting at 9.45 am. Too much water, that i need to 'leak' some of it (hahahha...sorry readers... a bit gross). During the waiting time, I sempat tengok Nanny 119. Around 5 minutes to 11am, Nurse dah panggil to get ready for the Embryo Transfer procedure. Got change into operation scrub, and went to the operation theater, the same place where i did my Ovum Pick up procedure.

Before we started the ET, Doc showed me the embrios. The image was showed on computer screen. No words can describe my feeling at that time. I was so happy, beyond words... seeing for the first time my 'embies'... Eventhough it just a lump of cell, i can't help to feel that they are my pride and joy already. Alhamdulillah, I got 8 cells and 12 cells embies for transfer. The other one is only 4 cell, which according to doc should not be as it already 3 days after insemination. And the last one did not change. I still am thankful to Allah for giving me these 2 embies for the transfer (even now i still shed happy tears thinking of these 2 embies).

My embies looks like below pic, but i think mine is more beautiful... hehehehhe...

8 cell embryo. Credit to

12 cell embryo. Credit to

And the rest, is history. The procedure went smoothly. It was not painful. After resting for almost an hour and got my progesterone injection, i went back home. Doctor ordered full rest (if possible makan tido makan tido jer... hehehe).

Thinking about it, I'm technically have conceived right now. Technically though... But it's a matter of whether my embies would attached and grow into babies or not. Now it is all in Allah's hand.

Ya Allah, ku mengharap Kurniaan Mu... ku mengharap hanya dari Mu, Tuhan yang Maha Berkuasa, Tuhan yang Maha Mulia, Tuhan yang Maha Penyayang... Suburkanlah dan hidupkanlah mereka di dalam rahim ini, Semoga 9 bulan akan datang, aku bisa melahirkan khalifah-khalifah Mu ini ya Allah...Hanya pada Mu lah tempat aku bermohon dan bergantung harap... Amin.

My blood test is scheduled on 4th May. In the meantime, please pray for me dear readers...

Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 2 past OPU

And i thought 'taking injection' is the worst part of all. How misguided i was.

Malam before OPU tu macam x berapa leh nak lelap. At 5 am, memang dah tak leh tido dah... Sharp pkol 6, terus bangn and mandi. Around 6.45 am, kami pun bergerak ke hospital.

After registration, dibawa ke wad. Salin pakaian untuk operation and tunggu. Around 8.30 am doctor bius datang. Lepas dia explain serba sedikit, nurse plak datang...alamak... kena amik 2 injection lak...according to nurse injection tu untuk penenang... True enough, a few minutes after the injection i jadik macam mamai... hahhahha.... kemudian nurse sorong i masuk operation theater. Tapi ada masalah la pulak... pintu rosak. daun pintu hanya boleh dibuka sebelah sahaja. Puas digodek-godek dek nurse2 tu, x mau juga dia terbuka. akhir sekali, saya kena bangun and ditolak masuk menggunakan wheelchair.

Sampai dalam OT, everything is ready. I baring atas katil bedah, doc bagi mask and tak lama kemudian i pun zzzzzz...

Can't remember how long was the operation. I suppose it should be kejap jer...coz doctor ada klinik that morning. I memang rasa ngantuk gila... just sleep through the morning. Masa doc datang melawat pun i sedar x sedar. I sedar betul masa tu dah pkol 3 petang. So siap2 la balik umah. Along the feel feel really nausea. Tapi x kluar pun muntah. Perut lapo gila, so i asked hubby dear singgah McD, sbb rasa nak makan bubur ayam (ces...memilih gak tu...). Sampai umah, baru makan sesuap dua, burrrrrr....keluar semua isi perut yang x seberapa tu. Lepas muntah tu, baru la lega sikit. Baru la boleh makan bubur ayam tu dengan begitu berselera skalik...

So, now, I'm recuperating at my MIL house. Hari sabtu malam tu i still feel quite ok. Yesterday, it felt worse. I felt really bloated, sakit kat perut ni rasa macam cramp and organ dalam perut ni di pulas-pulas (errr....can u imagine?). Memang sangat tak selesa. According to doctor, it is normal to feel bloated and cramping. Of all the thing i have gone through so far, the OPU la yang i think the hardest. I even menangis masa pagi ahad tu coz i feel so helpless and in pain (If period pain, I makan 2 biji panadol sure x rasa dah... but this time, makan 2 biji panadol macam x de different... that is how in pain i was).

But luckily, nothing serious happend. And today, i feel better already. Better than yesterday. Still feel a little bit cramp. But its not that bad.

According to Doctor, we got 6 eggs. Of which 2 were immature. A such, embryologist decided to do ICSI for the remaining eggs. As of yesterday morning, only 1 change. I'm waiting my doc msg whether the eggs survived or not. Truth to be told, I'm a little bit upset and worried with the result so far. I'm praying my hardest that all 4 eggs would survive. Dear Allah, please help us...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Follow up & OPU Day

Went to see my Gynea for follow up this morning. Alhamdulillah...berkat doa semua we do have a few eggs (erk...rasa macam ayam lak!) yang dah menepati syarat. Walaupun less than 10, but I feel really thankful to Allah...coz at least we have eggs!

So, as explained before, the next step is OPU (Ovum pick up). My Gynea scheduled the OPU on this coming Saturday morning. Since the procedure is in the morning, we need to come as early as possible to clear all the admission matter. Well...I'm not going to be warded. It just a daycare and according to the doc i'll be able to go home in the evening.

Tomorrow morning i'll still be working. Finishing up all the loose ends before i'm taking 2 weeks off for rest (yey!!!! x yah keje!).

So tonight is my last day of taking injections. No more injection starting tomorrow morning (double yey!!). As a closing to all shots, I took Ovidrel - shots that make your follicles matured and ready for OPU. So for the final day today, there were 3 shots taken. 6.45 am Orgalutron, 7.30 pm Gonal-f and last one 9.30 pm the Ovidrel.

The less-scary-than-Orgalutran Ovidrel shot...looks just like Orgalutran but the needle is thinner.
As a result of all shots that i took, area yang kena inject tu memang la rasa sakit sikit2... ada la lebam sikit2 and 2-3 hours after injection, the area injected tu sometimes rasa berdenyut-denyut. But overall, not so bad la... A lot of people asked me how did I managed to take the shot myself? Well... my answer is, you'll do it if you have to. And I have to (No choice...). Just swallow it and get done with it. But believe me... it was not that bad. So for those whose thinking of doing IVF, don't be discourage ya...If i can do it, sure u can too :-)

I'm praying that the procedure will go well. Doc already given me antibiotics and medication to ease the 'bowel movement' (kena kosongkan perut n puasa after 12 am on the day of procedure). Just normal requirement before undertake any surgery procedure. I'm just happy i was not given the 'drinking' type of medication to ease 'bowel movement'. Yuck!!! Can still feel the taste even though it has been 5 months after the laps procedure.

Anyway, I do hope you'll pray for me too (need a lot of prayers frens...). Insya-Allah, if my condition allowed, I'll update the progress later. Till then...

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Hari Ahad. Hari saya bermalas-malasan (mmg malas sgt ni!). What did i do today? Watched TV all day long. I did some catch up on 'Running Man' from 1st episode since Friday night. Just managed to finish up to 18th episode petang tadik. Hehehehe... I really like the show. Really funny and buleh gelak sampai pecah perut tengok kelakar diorang yang selamba tu.

Yesterday (Saturday), I went for my appointment with the doc. Dari scan tu, nampak macam x berapa memberangsangkan la pertumbuhan follicles ni... So doc increase my shot to 300 IU. Please pray for me... risau lak kalo sikit sgt follicles yg jadik. Doc juga prescribed new injection to be taken starting from Sunday (CD7). The shot is called Orgalutran. This is to prevent the follicles that been stimulated by Gonal being released naturally by the ovaries.
Err...scary sikit rupanya ni...
So pagi tadik, I took this shot. Tengok jarum memang nampak scary.  Kalo tengok gambo ni, rasanya jarum dia besar sikit dari jarum pen Gonal. Tapi, still bearable... x ler sakit sgt sampai serik. Cuak sikit jer bila nak start cucuk tu... heheheh... Setelah memotivasikan diri sekitar seminit dua, berjaya jugak saya menyuntik diri sendiri. Heheheh... So i'll be taking this injection every morning at 6.45 am, until the day of OPU.

Next appointment on 19 April. If everything is ok, I'll be undergoing OPU on 20th. Looking forward to it as I can't wait for the 'injection session' to be over... Till then.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

CD 3

It was my first time doing self-administered Gonal-F. Cuak gak...takut salah buat (walaupun dah tengok banyak kali kat youtube and dah belajar caranya smalam). Alhamdulillah...ok jer... not a rocket science pun. Sonang yo... heheheh...

Rupa sebenar setelah dibuang tutupnya...

Just for my record: Doc kata kena amik high protein food. Makan lauk2 and of course sayur. Minum air 2 liter and makan 2 biji putih telur setiap hari. Don't forget... teruskan metformin, folic acid and multivitamin.
errr... stok telur dah abis, nampak gaya esok kena ajak MDH shopping barang2 dapur...

Waa....bestnya esok cuti! Nak berehat sepuasnya... Till then...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Alhamdulillah... a lot of things to be thankful for... one of it - My lil sis just getting engaged last week.Kenduri bulan 6, Insya-Allah...

Another thing, at last... the long awaited AF has arrived on last Sunday night. So yesterday, part of the morning was spent on securing appointment with my Gynea and apply for GL. Got appointment in the afternoon after lunch. I'm officially on CD 2 yesterday and starting taking Gonal-F.

Doc's assistant came to my office in the evening to teach me how to inject myself. First time tengok jarum tu, rasa... isyk, macam sakit je ni. But after akak tu tunjuk how to do it... ooo...ok, tak sakit pun. Hehehe...saja je psycho diri sendiri... So starting today, I'll inject myself with Gonal-F prescribed by the doc. Next appointment would be this Saturday. Hopefully everything will went smoothly. Amin...

The container for Gonal... Container jer besar... hehehehe

The famous Gonal-F

Friday, April 06, 2012


Sharing from a friend of mine. She went to Ustazah Fatma's tazkirah and share this info with me... Hope it'll benefited all of us.

To those who wish to pregnant, baca surah Sajadah (7-9), especially lepas abih jer period and after ‘bersama’..(mcm kite yg buat treatment nie (IUI,IVF etc), rasanya recite after the procedure kut). 
Baca dlm kiraan ganjil.
Then on ayat no 9, ‘Kemudian Ia menyempurnakan kejadiannya, serta meniupkan padanya: roh ciptaanNya’… baca 3X / 7x sambil sapu kat perut.

Ayat ke 7:

Yang menciptakan tiap-tiap sesuatu dengan sebaik-baiknya, dan dimulakanNya kejadian manusia berasal dari tanah;

Ayat ke 8:

Kemudian Ia menjadikan keturunan manusia itu dari sejenis pati, iaitu dari air (benih) yang sedikit dipandang orang; 

Ayat ke 9:

Kemudian Ia menyempurnakan kejadiannya, serta meniupkan padanya: roh ciptaanNya. Dan Ia mengurniakan kepada kamu pendengaran dan penglihatan serta hati (akal fikiran), (supaya kamu bersyukur, tetapi) amatlah sedikit kamu bersyukur.

HasbiaAllahuwanikmal wakiil….